Jabari Johnson: One Touch Album Review

Gospel music fans rejoice as the talented Jabari Johnson graces the religious community with his new album, “One Touch.” With 11 songs taking inspiration from different biblical stories, the “One Touch” album certainly brings out feelings of powerful connection to God and Jesus.

Jabari Johnson’s title track for this recently released album is of the same name, “One Touch.” As a matter of fact, he released it as a new single first before letting everyone hear the entire album. The song “One Touch” revives the sacred story of a woman who encountered Jesus and was delivered from all her sufferings. The lyrics are touching, and anyone looking to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually will undoubtedly do so once they listen to the title track.

The rest of the album continues with gospel songs influenced by soul and country melodies. “Fixed Fight” seems to be a crowd favorite as it has ranked #1 on Billboard Gospel Airplay chart. It is a song featuring the amazing Krystal Broussard, also a well-known gospel singer.

It is also refreshing to hear Jabari Johnson’s excellent guitar skills in some of the album’s songs, such as Never Fail and Day of Redemption. His musical genius and ability to play instruments are what landed him lead guitar in The Potter’s House led by Bishop T.D. Jakes.

If you are a follower of Christ, take this chance to listen to Jabari Johnson’s “One Touch” album. The songs will definitely boost your spirituality and feel the powerful message of Jesus Christ. Johnson’s voice will make you feel as if heaven’s angels are welcoming you to the celestial city. Jabari Johnson is set to tour in late 2022. He will be promoting “One Touch” and is looking forward to writing and producing another album soon.