New Generation of Christian Music – Rap and Rock, What’s Next?

Gospel Music is a genre of music dedicated to sacred songs to a religious community. A common theme in gospel songs includes praise and worship to God, honor, thanksgiving, and unity of the people. For Christianity, gospel music is also often referred to as Christian music.

The importance of Christian music has significantly increased over the years. It has become a creative outlet for worshippers to express their love and devotion to the doctrines of their religion. Christian music also became a means to celebrate holy festivities and traditions. As many people sing praises, their faith becomes more vigorous.

Reach, wider than you think

Under Christian music, there are several sub-genres. Some are in pop, country, acoustic, and now with the new generation—there is even rap and rock. As main genres of music, rap and rock and roll are often associated with the devil or other satanic ties.

These are genres described by many critics as “loud” and “disruptive,” given the type of beat and melody they possess. So it is pretty surprising to notice that Christian music has slowly evolved and accepted rap and rock and roll themes.

Different BPM, same message

The modernization of the world requires all aspects of life to evolve alongside it, including music. Gospel songs are not excluded. And so, there goes the traditional sacred hymns having slow and melancholic sounds. The new generation of religious followers has started composing gospel music following contemporary style. Fans of the genre will have to get used to headbanging and faster rhythmic patterns.

So far, the success of rap and rock in the Christian music industry is undeniable. People were open to change, and they, fortunately, liked it. If you want to listen to rap and rock Christian music, check out “Louder Than A Lion” by Eisley and “Washed by the Water” by NEEDTOBREATHE.