Thomas Muglia: I Have A Father Song Review

Young Contemporary Christian music artist Thomas Muglia starts making a name for himself. In 2016, the talented boy joined the popular singing talent show, American Idol. Even though it took him three years from the moment he started songwriting, Thomas finally debuts with his first album.

“I Have A Father” is the name of Muglia’s debut album. It features 11 tracks that Thomas had written with the help of Paul Moak—who also owns the studio where the album was recorded. Combining powerful melodies, dynamic instrumental, and Thomas’s angelic voice, “I Have A Father” is well-praised by the Christian music community.

The youthful musician has graced the Gospel music genre with a freshness like no other. Thomas Muglia’s personal spiritual journey inspires the album’s tracks. Listeners can also hear a conversational theme between God and man with the lyrics of some of the songs.

“I Have A Father” is also the exact name of the album’s title track. Thomas first released it as a single. According to the artist himself, this is his most personal song so far. As he was writing this, all he had in his mind was to share how God has become such a tremendous help in his life. He hopes to inspire his listeners around the globe to turn to God in times of need.

Other songs in the album include “Let My Tongue Be Silenced,” which is also a favorite of Thomas Muglia. It is a song about the importance of not forgetting the Lord for everything He has done. There are some high-energy tracks in the album as well, such as “Hold Out To The End” and “Feeling Safe.”

The 23-year-old looks forward to the rest of 2022. He definitely is a Christian musician to look forward to.