We Are Messengers: Come What May Album Review

A friend group of Irish-Americans decided to establish a band one day. Darren Mulligan, Kyle Williams, Drew Kerxton, and Raul Aguilar has become one of the most soulful contemporary Christian bands known as We Are Messengers.

We Are Messengers made their dynamic debut album, “Power.” Since then, the worship band has become a powerful force in the Gospel music scene. Now they have graced us with a new single called “Come What May.” “Come What May” is described as strong tuned and forceful by many critics.

“Come What May” starts in an incredible mix of instrumental sound and the sincere vocals of Darren Mulligan. Towards the chorus, the song becomes anthemic. The band has again demonstrated their lyrical abilities, as the single is filled with life-changing and spiritually uplifting verses.

In “Come What May,” the center of focus is on the Almighty God. Darren, Kyle, Drew, and Raul have teamed up to release an album that will make people realize the love and goodness of God as the Father, the Creator, and the Protector.

One of the verses in the single includes an actual verse from the Bible: “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. The Lord is my Shepherd, leads me to still waters, and He restores my soul.
Alongside the single, We Are Messengers released a lyric video on Youtube.

It currently has over 700,000 views and continues to increase daily. Fans are happy about the new single, and the band has also managed to collect new fans. Many of the comments praise We Are Messengers for the excellent hymn of praise and devotion to the Almighty. “Come What May” is being played on many Christian radio stations around the world.