Dad Song Lyrics

by Abbie Gamboa

Before the world began, you were on my mind
I wanted you here it was by design
See you have my voice, and you have my eyes
Every detail fashioned with delight

You were made to be loved by me
You were made to be loved by me
I’ll hold close to my heart until you see
That even if you never did another thing
You were made to be, made to be loved by me

I heard your first breath, saw your first step
I remember all the moments and I don’t forget
Planned a future full of bright things up ahead
Fathers love to do that for their kids

If you’ve ever held a dream in your arms
Ever been proud of a work of art
You’d know what it’s like
To look in your eyes

If you’ve heard a songbird sing melodies
Or ever heard raindrops make symphonies
You’d know what your voice
Sounds like to me