Manasseh (Live) Lyrics

by Anna Golden

You redeem
The innocence that’s stolen
You return
The years I thought were taken
You’re rebuilding every broken home inside my heart
And You made it all better

This is my Manasseh
You’ve caused me to forget
Your goodness washes over all the pain of my past
This is my Manasseh.
You’ve caused me to forgive
In all my broken places You’re written
Thank You for Manasseh

You fulfill
Every facet of my purpose
In the waiting
When the silence so useless
You changed me
You traded all my traumas
For vantages of grace

It’s new season
There’s new freedom
I thought was lost
You and made it better
Glory to glory
Joy for my mourning
There is wasted
You work it all together

I it all go
I it all go
I it all go
I it all go
You can it here