Kick Death Lyrics

by Brad & Rebekah

Our God is undefeatable
Even death He overcame with ease
His life and blood unstoppable
No one can stand against our King

He gave us a royal inheritance
The keys of the kingdom
His highest authority

So kick death out your realm
Out of your house
Out of your and fences
Come name
Step out into the light
Out of the dark
Taking the land of promise
Come name
Run out of that grave

[Verse 2]
The light of Christ shines you
The of has flee
Cause our God is with us the fight
His final word is victory
have the victory

taking our freedom
driving out the lies
us all authority

every battle
every enemy
us all authority

out the darkness
up the dead
us all authority

So lift your voice freedom
Believing all He said
Cause us all authority
Yes us all authority