Get It Gurl Lyrics

by Childlike CiCi

I said to get it girl
Go get it girl
You get it girl
You ain’t no quitter
Big God on go with her
It’s a high demand
For these go getters yup
You know how we get
When we get it in
Worship in acrylics
Got pretty hands
We move when he moves
Like what’s the plan
they doubted now
They’re tryna reconsider
Snooze you lose
Been told them
To get up
It up
God did it
It’s a must

they try to up get dizzy
Back then we were in
Singing itty bitty piggy
head the tail
Yea we running
The holy girl committee
OK they
We wish them well
We still get it
get get get get it

it gurl

I am
I can’t
I said I get it
I get it
I get it
I get it
I get it

it gurl
it gurl
Let’s get it
it gurl
Let’s get it
said to get it
get get get get

She’s a Stepper
Been stepping Christ
Might step in stilettos
Or step in her nikes
She her
Posting them scriptures
She don’t do it likes
She pray her enemies
Still heavy on the prayer
Sleep good night
She ain’t with the back-and-forth
a hater out mind
Out sight
pray it happen
Gods child her biggest flex
correct we