Rather Be Alone Lyrics

by Christian Paul

Girl, I heard
Bout the way
That your other man would play

With your heart
So you started
Questioning if there’s a man

Who would love
And protect
And treat you with respect
Somebody with some self-control

Baby, I would spend my life treating you that way
even though I’ll make my fair of

give us one try
Baby, you and I
make it to a

Baby, true
the only woman that I
you to the altar, “I do”
Let you I’d rather with you

Girl, you and I against the world
You’ll my queen
I’ll your prince, diamonds and

No, I’ve never been so vulnerable
I’ll adore you and make sure you feel secure
And comfortable

you don’t that for real
I’ll show you I feel, seal the deal
Actions sing louder words
Girl, you