Worthy One Lyrics


You stood before the ages
You stand the test of time
The King of new creation
Restoring hearts like mine
You are the way, you are the light, Jesus

Begotten of the Father
Eternal word made flesh
You walked among the sinners
And conquered sin and death
Crushed and pierced to give us life

Who was and is and is to come
The Holy and The Worthy One
Who came and called my name and set me free
You broke the chains of slavery
And gave this captive victory
The fullness of Your life is now in me
All for Your Glory

Condemned with the all guilty
Though you had done no wrong
They found your grave empty
When they rolled back the stone
And now our song ascends to You and You alone

We are your people
You are our God
Delivered from evil
Yes we are
Yes we are
We are your people
You are our God
High and exalted
Yes You are
Yes You are