God Of Color (Jalen Seawright, Royce Lovett) Lyrics

by Common Hymnal

He’s dark skinned, he’s round eyes, a Jew from Palestine
You’re a god of wonder, oh you’re painted living color
Oh my sister, my brother, every pigment, every shade
Oh the king you sent to save us, my melanated savior

Who they decolorized to colonize, give me Jesus sinful color
All give me hue
He’s dark skinned, he’s round eyes, a Jew from Palestine
I’ll have everything need if you would
me give me Jesus

of of him
me of give me
Jesus in living color
to see my humanity
power, you created me to be

All my give my hue
My dark skin, my brown eyes, yeah
give give give give me Jesus
of him
All of my of my Jesus

In living color, Jesus
of Jesus
of Jesus
look, know you’re racist
Can’t sell me BS, had enough of devices
I’m here to live blessed, they sublitalized

to colonize the lives of tribes
can buy the ha!
The poetic, the flow athletic
Brown skin, cinematic, don’t you forget it
know the haters regret it, they done messed up

kick of now
me that man permanent tan
That water land
that water into a forte
Fights justice, matter how off late
partisan, I’m confident

There’s smitten to live with him
My blessing in evanescence
give me him to give me him
give me I’m to Jesus
I’m to I’m to Jesus

am a savior that looks me
You a savior that looks me
I’m to I’m to him
don’t half of him

give me my Jesus
to go
to go
the that know
the that know
to go
Feel, to go
Feel to go