The Lord Will Make a Way Lyrics

by Deitrick Haddon

Sometimes you’ve got to worship how you feel
That’s what I feel right now
I’m a ship that’s tossed and driven
Battered by angry seas
In the storms of life I’m raging
Under the pure ray of sunbeam
I wonder what I’ve done, y’all, to make this race so hard to run
Can I to be courageous, the make a somehow
Yes will

Old school used to like this
The make a somehow
When beneath the cross I bow
take sorrow
Just lay down now
With the beside
The has shown up on brow, mercy
And there’s a sweet relief in knowing, yeah
The make a somehow
I pray for all folks on the Coast to the West Coast
Somehow, somehow, somehow, to the North and to the South

They said, Dietrich, you to go in and record
This song the world needs you to move
to to to keep doing it?
somebody, you to move
They you in the prison, Lord
God make a way
God’s going to make a way
We’re calling on you to make a way, Lord
Somebody you, you to make a way
Oh, Jesus
Oh, Lord