40 Bars of Yeshua (OnBeatMusic) Lyrics

by J-Blev

Wondering does that mean I’m doubting God or doubting our connection?
But we gon’ keep the focus on God, don’t exhaust yourself, look
I asked your favorite Christian rapper, does he believe in the Bible?
He told me, tricky question
A man who doesn’t trust his map gon’ probably lack direction
I keep that 40 protection, under God’s protection
Wondering does that mean I’m doubting God or doubting our connection?
God breathed it, I believe it, time bereavement
Can’t trust myself, cause self spirit never in agreement
make sure I’m doing this achievement
presidents that should’ve faced impeachment
on flow, ain’t perfect, the Lamb was, though
it’s God, it’s no facade, make sure your lamp bro
Can’t tremble the the mantle’s put its stamp mo’
We the Bible Bruno that Encanto show
virgin son, calls his Emmanuel
I know sayin’, that ain’t Jesus, chill, I’m gettin’ mechanical
Emmanuel God Jesus’ walk ain’t son
He really walked the streets those that see graphical
Isaiah 9, 6, to us given
seven centuries later brought us to repentance
Another prophecy Christ passed mission
light Jesus paid so we could pass mission

With the bars the day, I ain’t to the the way
over God who boy, buggin’
Get the must have flies in his face
the the safe
our strikes his the offspring the cake
He had Christ on row, I’m murder the case
bit, he ain’t punched in the face
Another prophecy how many miracles does take?
Starts order, grows freedom, chaos
Dark souls the shadows saviors
watchin’ us hawk, that’s where the mookie play like
But children the light rebel no matter what they cause
Yeah, the flow sicko, apocalypto
But don’t let that distract facts I’m tryna keep, though
From vengeance to forgiveness, to money
Crisco, man, ain’t it’s food thought all hungry hippos
head spinnin’ nunchucks, head splittin’ punch-ups
sinners God’s swimmin’ in front us
villains don’t off, step trippin’ young bucks
there in your house, walk they up