Ready to Grow Lyrics

by Jennifer Jimenez

Step in stones, step in stones, trying to go by things I know
But nothing is working, and I’m starting to think that all the things
All the things, all the things you’ve shown me
Are hard for me to plan out clearly
So I, I, I just let it go

All all all dreams you’ve to me
Are all for purpose, so I know it’s worth it
just follow me, for I have everything
Laid out and ready, all have to is me
I’m to go

Honestly, honestly, I didn’t think it was that easy
But your burden’s oh God, why I strive?
just can’t see?
All is complicate things
the mystery, revealing everything

Aligning, and I’m to grow
God, I’m to grow
God, I’m to grow, yeah
Oh, I’m to grow
to think the that do
Your we’re becoming one
is the best thing I could do
I’m falling stuff

Falling stuff
more I lean you
more I learn you
more I you
I learn me
more I lean you
more I you
more I you
I fall more in love with you