Something Bigger Than Me Lyrics

by John Berry

Yesterday I laid in my bed
And made up my mind to stay there instead
Fighting the same old fight
That I always lose by night

Somehow sometime mid afternoon
Past the sunshine lit up my room
Something made me sigh
And get up for one more try

Something bigger than me
Braver than me
Tells me to face the day
Helps me to find my way
And makes me believe
That I’ll be okay
Something greater than me
Wiser than me
Shows me where I go wrong
Knows when I’m down too long
And gives me the hope
I need to be strong

Something I can’t explain
Soothes me like summer rain
Listens when I complain
Even in my dreams

Something better than me
Kinder than me
Loves me the way I am
End in some wonderous place
Helps me to be the best that I can

Something I never doubt
Knows what I’m all about
Says it’ll all work out
Even in my dreams

Something bigger than me
That’s what I see
Each time a chance comes by
Oh somebody new says hi
I start to laugh
While I thought I’d cry
When miracles happen
I always know why
What could it be
But something bigger than me