by Jon Keith

Baby ain’t no accident, we still alive
I took a break but we back outside
Up and up for 40 days and 40 nights
I done been through hell and back and yet I’m iced
I find my purpose in the fire
Always on a diet, it ain’t never light

Who eat us, ain’t no easin’ up
never a kid, been heatin’ up
I I the love
I been heatin’ up
look, right

West my hometown, left goin’ crazy
Keep up pressure till we daisies
Go check my desktop, applesauce, I’m hangry
God said we next can’t face me
Look at car look that’s fading
I can’t go back and forth, that’s draining
Stack up Tetris, I don’t do gaming
character blacked y’all boys can’t play me
I gotta run the wind, the door and I went
I did it for all my they at then
And I took it on the I it on in the print
I it on in the print
This a hashtag flashback, I wanted a and a plate
Y’all like, watch this, pass that
I got give the plate
I got a strap in my bag and it tall so never repage
We outside, don’t in the I never I’m 24K

Who eat us, ain’t no easin’ up
a kid, been heatin’ up
I don’t ayy, I love
I’m heatin’ I’m heatin’ never