Beatitudes (Family Version) Lyrics


Don’t know what to say
Don’t know how to pray
I differed my hope
All I do is cope
I don’t got the words
Some up all the hurt
I just wanna cry
Wanna be alright
Can’t be weak
Can’t break free
On my knees
Most days
My face on the floor
the pain of the divorce
Oh my God, what’s for?
All treasures stored
purpose me
But it feels left
Alone the fight while hide
the the funeral
Uncle’s suicide

Oh my God, scared
Of these thoughts I share?
I feel so under
For the hell that’s been staring me down
clown through
With my down
I so
On cloud
Felt so
I am just paralyzed
to played
I lame depressing
What is
Is it test, cause I fail
I suck, fresh of lucks
Where my Lord

Read the
Another medium
See it different
Blessed the
who thirst
Blessed the
the hearts hurt
Blessed the bed
Can’t get
On knees upset
Cause they catch break
Don’t know how to pray
bottom living pigsty
Almost night
wanna die
Nothing left to cry
Just to survive
That me terrified
I see now had to prove
Like roses red
violets blue
I don’t know what I would do without you