Jesus Saves Lyrics

by Kidd Lee

Spend some time away
getting ready for the day you’re born again
Spend some time alone
understand that soon you’ll grow up a better man

Never go back to the way with the fake
in a place full of hate where the passion’s trapped in
Got a mate with the where lay
to the tryna go back in?
Heard the blonde in the lane, think there’s a case
where can’t asking
Drastic move past it
were forgiven, go of baggage
Matches, burn up passion
saying it’s plastic
Graphics trapped in, grabbed me
of that flame, of that traffic
don’t play with demons
devils, Satan
a to the kingdom of darkness
the it don’t who it
Don’t be afraid of the at night
will shelter, you’ll life
will touch if make, the refuge
rose for sins, accept him
gotta reject him?
When need him, everything’s gone
call him, forget him
a message, coming
thief in the night, every knee ain’t no running
Every time I’m confessing, that’s something
to him
a sinner, by grac, in the he’s the winner
that don’t change, the told that was lonely
The his destiny’s flames

ain’t lonely, the king of kings with me
the of Lords with me, with me
Never been lonely, walks with me, moves with me
every footstep, coming back soon
Yeah, had to some time alone, picked up
me, too
a he’s a way maker

thanks to the him in, more
sing praises to his name, faithful, this ain’t games
Oh great thoughts deep
down, fight for me, watch sleep
demons flee at the sound of name, don’t no peace
in me
told to up the purpose
before was in a league
We can’t lose, of snus, fight to the end
Fight we don’t lose, the strength, the clues
up cross, spread the good news
go make disciples all
Devil stole, back lost, the love of Christ
his fill up with his fullness polish
Clean what’s replace heart, away old
Spirit, have way money, fame
Diamonds or gold, decrease, increase

other option, gotta that nonsense
flesh, spirit
other option, gotta that nonsense
flesh, spirit