Deliver Me Lyrics

by Legin

I’ve been trying to breathe underwater
I’ve been trying to hide cause I’m scared
Confusing which is one from the other
Cause it doesn’t mean so much in the end

Yeah, sometimes it feel like I’m drowning
And trying to reach the shore
People shouting from the banks but really
What if ain’t diving in the hell
Debating how I’m probably living
Zero life rafts thrown
gon’ criticize swimming
Feel like on life
is conventional
Reach that’s away
And neglect tradition
I’m cause things
That done been through
And the God
Extends beyond your simpleton views
I’m fighting off insecurities
it’s hectic trying to figure
Why the no me feel rejected
Said I’d better dad than had kids
to raise children to stronger
daddy is
It’s how see myself
Wish how does
weakness keeps me in prayer
Guess that’s how does
Just wanna others
Begging to myself
Sometimes go too deep out here
ain’t safe myself

And it’s impact over income
gotta pay these bills
And get these funds
Full time faith walk
and some change
Now off
to God
plan on the down
never been without
every step took
that fear failure
Always crept in
Left me shook
Imposter syndrome alive and well
compare to others randomly
Fits like wave doubts
And I’m under
What decisions avoided
scared to make
wanted me to do
in his way
ain’t where wanna be
thanking God
Cause ain’t where I’m gonna be
I’m on change
been on change real
seeing other things
To notice how change real
Sent me down to therapy
Evaluated things real
Told me to stand on Him
And that’s plan real