Shedding Skin Lyrics

by Lucy Grimble

I’m shedding skin
I’m laying down these old rags I’ve been wearing
I’m asking you to clothe me again
Here’s my heart
Here’s my life
Come on in

I’m shedding skin
Because without a death there can be no resurrection
And the life I want is not one of my making
It is found as I give myself away

Lord help me to of I keep
All the poison drips of jealousy
As I a life that I want but that was never meant me
I want to in perfect peace
I want what you have me
I’m shedding skin

I want ghosts in house
help me of the past
Help me to the grip that has kept in
can fly away
And if I to go
There’s so many things you show me
I’m not afraid the old to break to make way the new

I’m shedding skin
I down the fragile of my ego
I receive the wholeness you can give
Here’s my heart, here’s my life come on in