Code of Conduct Lyrics

by Mike Teezy

In a world where anything goes
And everyone’s turned over to a reverberant mind
What do you live by?
Ayy, sound like more as I live by the code
Say that was my chance to be nuts if I don’t
I feel like Noah, cause I’m tryna build up something
That’ll my whole family afloat
I told a was coming, don’t the very second
To to the boat, a real life
This ain’t one times you can rewind
When you finally remain, part my life
And my back the road, thought it was over, it’s not even close
Need a new mission, it’s time to reload
Hop the I cook the stove
Came thing and I away the game
gon’ think I’m tryna heal low
Fortune and can’t away all the pain
Lil’ you’re soul
Lil’ you’re control
Just cause it’s shimmer don’t mean it gold
Used to be timid, that I know I am
It made a lil’ bold
Cut a flip, gon’ think I’m a flop
Made sick, can’t believe I ain’t stopped
I’m famed, for a spot
I’m a franchise, boy, cause I live the top

I mean, like, else y’all want to do?
I guess I’ll it up
Tired my cause I came from the bottom
a man, I a lot them
I too many to count the movie
But playin’ my role, gon’ think I’m a model
the I be goin’ full throttle
the message to from the problem
Hold let my time it
thinkin’ I’m talkin’ bout Honda
I stay my ain’t talkin’ bout secret
we ain’t know that I live it
Thought I was stuck, I stayed my pivot
He a that’s when I dove
You see, it ain’t about how you it’s how you gon’ finish
Uh, started nothin’, you can see
That the build-up crazy, like the prosciutto
I had a little bit bread the bank
But thank God, like he made a limo
I set the bar, limo
want a slice the pie, Kimbo
five, this, I depend on
I’m a pull-up, flimmo
Back the I up from my commission
to back the division, I thing goin’
And addition, I’m very highly efficient
So when pass the torch, I might tell them, flame on
I’m sick tellin’ I was feelin’ my name wrong
Whenever you check know I you a ride
Tap the shoulder, tell hang on
Tap the shoulder, say, what’s up
God was dead when I was down up the rut
was tryna tell cut
Thought I told you I ain’t never givin’ up
This it like you stick to guns
And you mind up
I teach you the code, I don’t need the orchestra
But I can show you how to conduct
It’s crazy