UH HUH Lyrics

by Mission

Uh-huh, uh-huh Uh-huh, uh-huh
Uh-huh, uh-huh Hey, it’s the Mission Man

Yeah, look, whoa Beat steppin’, but I’m not Goliath, uh
Anytime I needed help, I could call Messiah If you feel that that’s your truth, well,
then prophesy it If you really need some peace,
call Jehovah Jireh We been eatin’ lamb chops, but I know the lion
I can’t hide story, so I’m testifying
I don’t do no snakes unless it’s that’s Kobe Bryant
A diamond, every time I go pressure, I still shinin’

Ayy, I’m the move, the whole crew, we got motion
Project Baby, really from the we had roaches
Let Christ, where He walkin’ the ocean
man, raised him from ashes, the lotion
lost your cause you ain’t focused
I can’t that’s where hope They gon’ pay crazy, watch it’s Vizio
I’m legit quit Hammer his videos
I can’t this fight, soul, you it’s physical
Had call angels, that pigeonhole
Yeah, we been down long, I it’s time

Set the table, pull cause it’s chow time
ain’t ask I’m drippy the drought time
West raised but I’m really from the side
Yeah, I be the ruler, don’t line
I do anything straight it’s mine

I spend all time loud the sun, how you gon’ outshine?
We gon’ stand, don’t play they song it’s crime
sound Jason, but I’m not chasin’
Both hands the they bout rotation
I until I found they hatin’
Really, I until Christy came saved me
Miss you