Compound Flex Lyrics

by Ruslan

Uh, my vocation feel like a vacation
Old places, circle back for ovations
Need to have a money machine in my own basement
So I could just, that’s a PlayStation
Rather be on YouTube live than PlayStation

Tried to binge watch Netflix, I didn’t make it
Will Smith use my I’m getting placements
Fresh my store, give
forensics, any actors
Think I’m Yeezy, this prince owns masters

got though
one, got next

don’t see what I mean
Me and my team stay undefeated, yeah
Ten toes down to ten, I been
on water and it’s all him, yeah

Blessed are those who still it
don’t see can heal paraplegics
And don’t, I still receive it
grace sufficient as transformed heathen

that’s though
that’s though
one, got

Got gon’ object
are a beast a like Loch Ness
just a process, over time it builds up
put your head down, in and get your skills up

It compounds, meaning work in two same time
would I wanna pain?
I benefit a muscle depletes, then it regrows
bigger, I just gotta die to my own

that’s though
that’s though
one, got next
that’s though