Vacancy Lyrics

by Sarah Juers

[Verse 1]
We can see in my heart,
I can’t tell you how it started
Runnin’ round in my mind,
tryna find the day it all departed

Knock, knock on the door, no one’s home
Knock, knock on the door, I’m alone by myself

Fighting these demons by myself
Never used like being by myself
it’s easier
these days

I ask why, I don’t hear an answer
Lift my head the sky, hope God the clearer
I can’t you an explanation
Every word formation
I any I find say
Every ounce ever was simply away
Don’t know where begin
To try find where is

yeah, yeah

in heart
a home
I remember I

in house
a home
I know

One major source confusion the difference between having and just depressed.
Almost everyone feels down from time.
circumstances change, and those disappear.
Clinical different.
It won’t go away just you want it to.
interest in things you normally enjoy.
in appetite.
Feeling worthless or excessively guilty.
Sleeping either or little.
Lateness or slowness.
depression’s symptoms are intangible,
it’s hard know who fine, actually struggling.
shouldn’t just get over it
any more than could will over broken heart

If you haven’t yourself,
avoid it times you’ve down.
Comparing they’re experiencing normal, sadness
can make them feel guilty struggling.

the the the in
the the light
the the the in
the the the in

See it come
I I I see
the first time