Now I Know Lyrics

by Ted and Sheri

[Verse 1]
Well, guess it’s true that I have been told
That God can do all things
I even have the sense of vow
Testifying to these things
That God gives peace and storms
Restoration for the one
But then God didn’t showed for me
But now, I have a testimony

(God is a healer)
Didn’t know if it were for real
Until God healed me
(God’s a provider)
I can’t count how many times he made a way for me
(God’s a profiler)
Yeah, he’d fight all my battles for me
I don’t need to do anything
(God is a mender)
Let me take you to the mender of broken hearts
Yeah, and what was once not planned to see
Became a reality
And I know, God is real to me

[Verse 2]
Yes, I have weakened to some things
And I even hurt great preachers
But it didn’t even mean a thing
Until life became my teacher
See my back is against the wall
There was no one I can call
But then, God showed up for me
But now I have a testimony (a testimony)

(God is a healer)
Didn’t know if it were for real
Until God healed me
(God’s a provider)
I know you didn’t believe he can do it for you, yeah
(God’s a profiler)
I don’t gotta do but stand still
And watch and defend me, ohh yeah
(God is a mender)
Yes, he ooohhh
But I know, but I know
I know
That you’re a healer
And you’re a provider too
I know to myself that you’re good

[Verse 3]
My momma told me so
God will always be the one
To love you through everything
Now, I know what she meant

I’ve been to church
All my life
Sunday morning and Sunday night
For me,it was just a routine
Until I found him to be all I need

[Verse 4]
I faced heartache and so much pain
I’ve been through the storm and been through the rain
But God he’s been my rock
Now I know, I know

Yeah, I know
There ain’t no doubt in my heart
Yes, I know
Yes, I know
Yes, I know

He’s a healer
He’s a deliverer
A way maker
Now I know

Yeah, he’s provider
He’s a strong tower
Yes, he is yeah

Now I know