The Way I Feel (Light Version) Lyrics

by The Dodds

The Prince of Peace is calling me
He says come, child, come
I’m told His burden is not heavy
That I’m never alone

But that’s not the way I feel
I feel alone
That’s not the way I feel
I’ll do this on my own

Lift these eyes to gaze upon
This burden is light
For sure is heavy
I’m tired of the fight

That’s the way I feel
I can’t do this on my own
Yeah, that’s the way I feel
Can I feel close

Well, Peace over me
Grace me with thrill
For my heart is not steady
I feel never will

Peace come
Peace come
Please stay

if don’t
Grace me with the feeling
That are close
My faith will me breathing
For is an anchor
Tethered to You
are able
when I feel I do