Won’t Lose Sight Lyrics

by The Young Escape

(verse 1) :
I’ve been losing pretty bad
Losing all the dreams I had
Where did all my hope go?

Summer’s gone and I can’t sleep
Running out of time I need
How did I get so low?

(pre-chorus) :
If You’re who you say you are
I can wait inside the dark
For take my hand
And show again

(chorus) :
If breathing You’re not done me
I’ve been Your love has made
time I down on my knees
lift my eyes and show who be
So I won’t

(verse :
Tell it my and head
Light is waiting ahead
You’ve be

Cause moments paper thin
Are moments Your love begins
You’ve on

(bridge) :
I didn’t want my so I gave it You
Now be the same
And I don’t understand
make sense
The love
God be the same
be the same