On My Father’s Side Lyrics

by Tim Menzies

Verse 1
The temple courts were crowded from the feet’s.
I said there’s surrounded by all the Pharisees
They said who did you study under sun.

How old are you?
Are you here long tell us where you’re from.

Well on my mother’s side, I just turned twelve years old.
Born just down the road, down in Bethlehem.
But on my father’s side, I’m older than ten.
I am the light from up on high,
the perfect land, the great I am.
On my father’s side.

Verse 2
When I knelt by that olive tree to pray.
A part of me was tempted to turn and run away.
But I came in the flesh to pay the price.
To hang on the cross redeemed the lost and I knew it was time.

But on my mother’s side, I sweat in blood.
Pray and take this cup if there’s another way.

But on my father’s side, I knew the plan we made.
Was the only way the world could be saved
and through me
you could be.

On my father’s side, where the angels pray.
Watching me hangin’ there,
then I heard on heaven shake
break out in praise.

But on my mother’s side, I felt they throw my name.
I could feel my body fail with every passing breath.

But on my father’s side, I rose from the grave.
I prepared a place we can hardly wait for you to see
you’re home with me.

On my father’s side.
On my father’s side.