Judas Lyrics (Lecrae)

by YeloHill

Abandonment issues, I had them at an early age
Turned to the block and met some homies and started banging trays
Depression hit because the music wasn’t working
Living check to check and selling weed in the suburban
Fist fighting, that was a day-to-day thing

Searching for peace through the struggle I’m trying to do thing
all in the city and in the streets
No and locked out without a key
But I, but I, I flowing
and gaining peace by the ocean
But to homie
the opposite it’s a casualty, homie

Nowadays out, bro, this Swat’s DT
I don’t trust nobody
Except a couple of them
switched so I stunned them
Yeah, for eight months I neglected making music
Until me, hit the and to it
Talking to the homie like Judas

I was all alone, the had stupid
that’s the devil, though
Staying ten toes down, I’ma it, though
exactly where I came from
to tripping, what do, cuh?
Forgive them, Father, they don’t what they do
I they ridiculed and I’ll ridiculed too
Every I was thinking was violence and blue
War wounds, they don’t I could’ve been through
But I, I’m still here, Judas

No fear, Judas
Crying tears, Judas
But still up, what Judas?
It’s tough that ever doubted me
The same ones that showed love
always to think was proud of me
Okay, that traitor spirit fouled me
But I’ve been in Bible
vision was getting clouded, three

Cut used to be from Arvis, stop it
hit to in following
Every that I make, would do too
I to help ahead, a too
don’t wanna see the I’m vicious
Everybody I’m tripping
But I leave to Baby Gangsta to the world know
being from the little weirdos
I’ma stay this deeper a song
I I ain’t perfect and I’m trying to wrongs

Separate the city and it’s war, it’s song
make sure that ready when angels come along
I don’t the fame, quick
No and clothes and chains, quick
can’t soul, taints it
I some I to do and some changing
to be and stay focused
G Perico to keep working and keep the music flowing
My big homies said stay silent
a covering over life and kill the nonsense

it, uh
Stopping all and all blue chucks
The ain’t chance
Right to when it’s time to go up
Christ strength
Eight months I was depressed, I was to up
Now I’m the road getting bucks
I off the floor and started living up
trust, uh
You do trust in God, right?
I mean, that’s where from
was born that
Cousin came to the city, the model

You the one that follow, some words to swallow
ain’t see all of these that took the cracker’s smile
ain’t see through all of these trials
Say the Grammy’s like the highest honor
every in and trade them for a present father
I earned a plaques
I swear I’d them somehow that could bring cousin back
full of scammers rapping they consonants

Never soul for money, that’s common sense
How I at the buying condiments
the screen when teachers said I’m incompetent
little boy was kicked and in the trunk
Torn to but picked up
I ride through the hood to see it
This guy’s good, look at me, don’t believe it
look, I rose out the concrete
I won’t the gutter brother lived in shelters
I lived mother, next to I grew sheltered
Mama had covered, sometimes was to skelter
But I grew like a sucker
the never me

All I knew was men treating prison like a hobby
the corner, a signal when the cops come
Watched neighbor sacrifice, they found a some
I don’t a I don’t a word
I was playing in the streets when them bodies hit the curb
Grew was never heard
Had so I started rhyming words
Rapping in the basement, smile
ain’t have money for braces

Crooked child only buys bricks, I beat the cases
Look at God, I never a hundred mil
I’ma a hundred that’s real
to Hill
Yeah, real
Yeah, real