The City Is Mine Lyrics

by Zauntee

Oh, already won, never be defeated
Already won, already won
It’s my time now, how I’m feeling lately
Been that way my whole life, could nobody change me
They was tryna make me average, thought they could save me
But I’d rather speak the truth than get labeled crazy
I was rookie the year, now they gotta me
I was sitting the bench, now they wanna play me
bands the bench like was Mercedes
the fam, that’s just how they me
I do them so I can’t get lazy
I be all night with it’s the air that I breathe
I’ma show them that they can, I that they me
I can the finish line, 3D

See, I’d rather be great than be understood
mind believe heart
Before will exist
eyes the finish line
I can here
I mine
So I got nothing fear
My eyes the finish line
I can here
I mine
So I got nothing fear
My eyes the finish line
I can here
I mine
So I got nothing fear

I thank motion
I can the vision when nobody else was focused
It’s the anthem the ones who’ve been chosen broken
We waking keep moving forward
when it’s hopeless, the world’s all noticed
open shows when nobody notice
Unloaded trucks the snow, frozen
Praying the day I tell my mama struggle’s over
Great some immigrants
Who knew I’d be multiple businesses
at the dealerships
you’re my witnesses
We self-paid we ain’t benefits
Where the connections is, I ain’t get plugged in
I had the script myself star it
Like my name’s baby
I’ma never my soul, baby
Eyes the throne, made the game my own, baby
They throwing stones, a house
I’m the best kept but the word got out, uh

Hey, man, the champ here
now I’m talking the the mirror
I speak when I get the wind
I guide these verses
the world, curse can reverse it
We gon’ make urgent, ask me how I learned it
praise the high source, you heard me
I want more than ever, man
Hey, I want more than ever, man
So I’m God’s hands
Ah, yeah