Ted & Sheri: Now I Know Song Review

The names Ted & Sheri are names everyone remembers when it comes to Gospel songs. Last February 4th, the legendary duo Ted Winn and Sherrie Jones-Moffet, has finally graced the music industry with their presence.

After a 16 year-long hiatus, “Now I Know” becomes the title of their newest song. Alongside GRAMMY award-nominated, The Walls Group, Ted & Sheri have undoubtedly blessed the world with a holy, healing piece.

“Now I Know” starts with a jammy groove where religious worshippers just might start holding their hands up high. Ted & Sheri’s vocals converge most terrifically, and listeners will undoubtedly feel their soul uplifted spiritually. The percussion and string instruments blend beautifully in the background.

Ted & Sheri’s lyrical abilities are also demonstrated in their new song. “Now I Know” is essentially the gospel song needed to show high praises and honor to God—the God who has made everything possible in the entire universe.

The song tells us that God is not only the creator but is also a healer, a provider, a profiler, and a mender.

Since 2001, Ted & Sheri has amassed followers and bagged awards with their first-ever album, “The Healing Starts Right There.”

They have made a name in the religious music genre and for all the right reasons. Without a doubt, the two will meet the same success with this recent song.

As their 20th anniversary approached last year, listeners and fans of Ted & Sheri may expect more music from the talented pair.

“Now I Know” is only a glimpse of what they have prepared. By late 2022, Ted Winn and Sherrie Jones-Moffet will release an extended play. The title? Be sure to stay tuned on their social media accounts and find out for yourself!